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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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all new today on "right this minute". a race plane sputters on the runway as the pilot knows. what happens when other pilots don't know that. >> oh! >> got some right there. >> tree near some homes. >> i mean, this is a very large hive. >> the dicey mission to get them where they belong. kids too close to some tracks. >> as a train enters into the dark tunnel. >> how that leads to an even scarier scene. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini and an exciting new sport. >> trending on my feed. >> why hide and seek with dogs is harder than it looks. >> they are not all
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find charity. they are going to be like, where's the treat? >> final race for the formula one class at the national championship air races in reno, nevada. inside the cockpit with his race plane. sitting there idling on the grid. that engine problem is thick. >> yeah, it is very thick. he this race is going to be over before it's begun. so -- kills the engine, opens up the canopy, that is a signal to everybody watching i'm not racing. they should then wave the red flag and everyone should know it's time to stop, but there's a problem. the three planes behind him. >> oh, snap. >> get closer and closer he has no idea. >> crap!
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other plane completely blind to the fact he was right in front of him. you could see it sheers the top off his plane. >> oh, my gosh. >> i could have sworn this guy was going to be decapitated. >> it's crazy. he said three huge gashes through his wing, of course, the canopy has completely been taken off. as people come running up wantsing to know if he's okay. >> you can't see his his body language is like, come get me. >> are you all right? >> he is fine. he's going to be back in the air. >> i have to believe this incident may cause changes on the grid line, whether it be larger flags or lights or auto kill, i don't know what. >> better communication, ear pieces so everybody can hear what's going on. >> something didn't go right. >> this almost killed someone. >> yeah.
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they'll make it their home, like in this tree. >> wax right there. breaks out the power tools and they are going to start removing all that honey comb from this tree. somebody called them in to do a bee removal. looks like a public park. i'm thinking maybe that might be a public hazard, but as you can see here, the work has started. >> like cement. >> that's disheartening, on the cartoons you see the if i'm this guy, how tempting is it to lift up your hoodie there. >> i think it's pretty easy. >> probably right. >> here he shows how he has a device with his vacuum attachment to relocate these bees. >> one-eighth inch mesh and that keeps the bees from getting sucked up into the vac. >> cool. >> they break out the smoke. >> i kind of feel bad. >> yeah, remove them when they
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tire, something like that, but here they are in a tree in a park where they are supposed to be. >> but if you look at this, though, right there you can see there is a very close building in this area and if that's a home or if that's a park area, you really don't want bees that close, but they will relocate them somewhere where they can be useful and they can be happy. once they knock it down, you see more of these bee in there. this is a very large hive. i like this part right here, because it pretty much sums mankind. >> drone, male. only live to have sex, that's it. then they die. >> and then they die. >> wonderful. video i'm about to show you is about to knock your socks off. here we are on the train track in ireland, it's about to go through the tunnel. kid waving it down. >> standby. >> watch what happens as the train enters into the dark tunnel. >> no, no.
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get out of the way! :they are children. apparently, this is a thing. ireland officials released this video because they want it to stop asap. they say some of the kids are playing chicken with the train and some of them are trespassing. either way, it's not a good idea. >> where did they go, did they hide? was there a crevice or nook? >> they got lucky, they were able to press up against the wall. that train goes about 90 miles an hour. >> even 10 miles an hour, it ul much weight of a train, they are in so much trouble with their moms. >> consider for a moment the engineer in that train seeing the kid waving his arms and not being able to do anything. you can't stop the train on a dime. >> this next video doesn't involve kids, just adults who act like them. this is something else you shouldn't do, but, of course, it's going viral because these guys perfectly reverse roll their car. we're going to go ahead and file this under things you shouldn't
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>> yeah, this is so much fun. >> it is hilarious. there you go, guys, your winners. >> that does look kind of cool. >> i'm sure. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old a u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. you know when life gives you lemons -- >> make lemonade. >> yep, and that's exactly what these kids are doing. >> just started school and people like to pick on me because i'm different and weird and all that. and i usually like to crack jokes to make me feel better. >> if you could change one thing
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>> we have a lemonade stand where we're giving lemonade away for free. >> hi, would you like free lemonade? >> all we ask is you make your life lemons for the lemonade. >> so, this cell phone company, cricket, is using that metaphor to create a bit of an empowering campaign. >> the lemon in my life right now is that i broke up with boyfriend. >> three, two, one! >> the positive thing is that we both get to spread our wings and fly. >> you know what she was managing that was. >> my lemon issue i had with my sister over social media, and i stopped having communication with her for over a year. and i would actually like to get to talk to her again, which would be my lemonade. >> take your phone out.
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>> i love you, too. >> sometimes you've got to not give strength to the things sucking the life out of your life and look at the simple situation of just dialing your sister's number. look how much it meant. >> we've been married 54 years. >> is that lemon or lemonade? >> how cool is this? even if it is a marketing campaign. >> there's a whole array of stories behind all of these lemons. if you want to check out the entire video and the making of, you can head over to, click on t mobile app. trick shots on a whole new level. >> they've got a sense of humor and they've got skills. >> check out these ping-pong wizards. and she's giving mom and dad a lecture. >> mom and dad -- >> what if we like to? >> no, i don't like it. >> find out why she doesn't like it. >> now you see how it feels,
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how strong is allegra-d?? closed captioning provided by -- non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. ping-pong used to be a big hit here in the office of "right this minute," but i never saw a guy that was able to do stuff
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pins. it's like -- bowling. these guys are wizards. three balls at once. and gone. i know what you're thinking, we have seen ping-pong trick shot videos on the show and those have been created by video trickery. this, though, is certainly not. these guys, they've got a sense of humor and they've got skills. this video a little older, but getting a lot of attention now. of english or spin they can put on the ball? they don't need power in some circumstances. they need iphones, they use notebooks. >> i was about to say the paddles have become a part of their body, but they quite clearly demonstrated, no need. >> oh, my gosh. these guys are hilarious.
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>> water condition confusing. >> little jiana has an issue with her parents. >> i don't like it. can you stop fighting? >> who? >> you and you. >> >> apparently mom and dad were having a very heated discussion about what caramel apple was better. fighting words. very serious jiana said, no. >> mom and dad, you stop fighting. >> what if we like to fight? >> no, because i don't like it. >> why not? >> it's bad. >> now you see how it feels,
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>> got an apple. >> you embarrassed me at the store when you cry and throw fits. >> what? >> what are you talking about? you're so crazy, i don't understand what you're saying. she is a smart one, though. look how flawlessly she defuvias from that point mom just made. >> i embarrass you, too. >> >> wow, she's got a future in conflict resolution. she could work for the u.n. you stop being mean and you stop being mean. >> i wish it was that simple. >> you stop fighting with my mom and you stop fighting with my dad. >> walking a straight line isn't his strength right about now. >> he's having a little bit of trouble just walking at all. >> wait until you see what happens when he gets behind the
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apparently, peop promotional consideration provided by -- that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. if you're searching for something that finally relieves your pain, new icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. . morons of the week. i have to be honest, morons are taking it easy. starting in the uk. police arrange pursuit of this, already rammed into one vehicle and completely disabled it. that little tin cup disabled a
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much worse. he starts going the wrong way down the street. traffic heading right towards him. >> oh, man, this is going to be bad. >> takes a left. going the wrong way. you can see the arrows pointing against traffic. >> this takes place in the middle of the city. blasts through a red light, heads back the wrong way and this is just how it continues for a while. >> erratic driving. can someone explain? because the driver is high on heroin. >> you to maintain their distance, they don't know what this wacko is going to do. >> you can stay behind him until he runs out of gas or eventually try to take him out. >> it's clear dude doesn't know where he's going. >> it's clear they need to stop him, but don't worry, he's going to stop himself. crashes into a mini cab. you can see the officer jumps straight into work. sends the dog straight in to get this guy under control. officer on the left and right and they do eventually subdue
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the driver, ben hanson, in jail for two years, also had 116 previous convictions, but in this case he's in jail for admitting dangerous driving, possession of heroin, and speeding. as bad as that video was, it pales in comparison to this video from warsaw, poland. it's in a car park and you can tell by the straight line on the ground that he's having a little bit of trouble just walking at all. >> looks like he's fighting a strong breeze. >> a few see the vehicle appear. watch this as he reverses out. >> you're fine, you're fine. no, you just ran into it. he's going to continue driving. you see he's not even close to being able to drive. >> it's like a pinball machine. >> now he continues down basically scraping along the wall. once he gets to the exit, all you have to do is turn left or right, or in this case just keep going straight over the pavement before eventually backing up and leaving camera.
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>> no information specifically what was happening with this guy. sure, you can make assumptions and yes there was a bar very nearby. >> i can't imagine he got very far. only reason he got as far as he did was because he was in a tunnel, right? >> we can only hope nobody was hurt because of this moron's behavior. >> here to set the record straight. >> two years ago guinness book ofor acknowledge me eating raw eggs with the shell as a guinness world record because they thought it was too dangerous. >> have they looked at their record book? >> have you seen the rest of his channel? a lot of dangerous stuff. >> what i've decided to do is make this unofficial attempt a little safer. what i plan on doing is eating the shell and safely washing the shell down with raw egg.
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>> sure, i guess. here we go. >> have a good day. >> so gross. >> guys who used to work out used to pound a couple of raw eggs in? >> raw eggs, exactly. the shell went into the garbage disposal or trash can. >> how's he do this so easy? for him it's just a question of time. ink i think the yolk and egg white is helping it slide down. it is slippery and slimy. >> looks like half of that flat is just about gone. now the moment we've all been expecting. it's going to blow. it's going to blow. hold on tight, ladies and gentlemen.
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i'm so proud he did it. he manned up and he did it. good for him. >> 19 inch. >> good for him. no, no, no. come on, come on. >> get ready, it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old and be a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to rightt >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> let's reveal today's buzz word. it's nick's favorite, motorcycle. >> yeah, get over to, click on the win ipad button, enter wednesday's buzz word, motorcycle. >> later this week we'll have a bonus giveaway. that's right, you can win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody.
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these four legged cutis. >> for doggies, they need assistance. this guy recording the video is going to come along with him. >> see how well they play this
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>> grilled cheese. >> sometimes when you get so excited you forget to breathe. breathe, remember to breathe. >> these have got to be the coolest dogs out there, at least definitely on the internet. >> why? why are they cool? because these suckers play hide and seek. for doggies, they need assistance.
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along with him. >> familiar with him, good guy. >> now looking for the lady. >> this is a good way to get your dogs tired, just like the kids. >> there she is, yeah. >> great. i've been noticing this trending on my a lot of people have been sort of hiding cameras and playing hide and seek. so many of them are crap at it. >> dogs are just scattering about. it's really awesome. this is an eight-minute video. if you guys want to see the whole thing, it really is super cute. go to, click on tv show, you can see it on our mobile app. thanks for spending part of your day with us. we appreciate it. go to for lots more great videos or catch us on the next episode of "right
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